12/24v linear actuator electric linear actuator chair

1224V Linear Actuator Electric Linear Actuator

Basic Info

Structure: Electromagnetic
Type: Asynchronous Motor
Certification: ISO9001, CCC, Ce,RoHS
Brand: OEM
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Maximum Thrust (N): 10000
Maximum Pulling Force(N): 10000
Stroke: 100 ~ 400mm
Loading Speed: 5-22mm
Protection Class: IP20
Overload Protection: Matched Controller
Guide Tube: Aluminum Tube
Ambient Temperature: 5-40 Degree
Self - Locking Force(N): 13000


Product Description

Maximum thrust (N) 10000 6800 500
Maximum pulling force (N) 10000 6800 500
Self - locking force (push) (N) 13000 8000 1000
Self - locking force (pull) (N) 13000 8000 1000
The input voltage (VDC)
Load Speed (mm / s)
Load current (Amp) 10 10 10
The input voltage (VDC)
Load Speed (Amp) 7 11 120
Load Current (Amp) 22 22 22
Stroke (mm) 100 ~ 600 (optional> 600)
Installation direction 30 degree indexing (see outline drawing)
Colour: Black
Limit switch built-in
Overload protection Built-in clutch and overload protector
Use frequency 20%, up to 4 minutes continuous work
Internal pipe
Install the connection head steel
Protection class IP66 (dynamic), IP66 (static)


An electric actuator is an electric drive that converts the rotary motion of a motor to a linear reciprocating motion of a push rod.
The main structure of the electric putter
By the drive motor, reduction gears, screw, nut, guide sleeve, putt, slide, spring, shell and turbine, micro-control switch and other components.
Characteristics of electric putter
Self-locking performance, health, direct motor drive, do not need the pipeline of gas, oil, is now widely used in production lines, cars, ventilation window open, the military, the stage, the stage of the design, the use of high-precision, high precision, , Textiles, sewage treatment and other industries equipment.
Electric push rod applications
Electric putter as a new technological innovation and invention products for human science and technology progress has a tremendous impact. Now the electric putter has been a lot of human use, who need to adjust the position of the occasion, you can use the electric putter. At present the world has matured application areas are:
1, medical technology: electric beds, nursing bed, ICU bed, turn over the bed, operation bed, dental chair, rehabilitation training bed, C-arm, magnetic resonance equipment, hanging tower, electric wheelchair, trolley, etc.
2, the field of furniture: sofa, the elderly chair, lazy chair, foot bath chair, home bed, beauty bed, massage chair, massage table, TV rack,
3, office furniture areas: desks, smart desks, cabinets, office chairs, projection equipment
4, the field of industrial science and technology: open the door, window, sweeper, agricultural harvesters, yachts, cars, stage,
5, the military field: armored vehicles, communications command vehicles, engineering, rescue vehicles


Using 24V DC as the power supply

Using 24V permanent magnet DC motor as the driving power source
After supplying the motor with 24V direct current, the motor rotates, and the motor worm and the turbine are decelerated in one stage
A nut is fixed on the inner tube, and after the screw rod is rotated, the nut is advanced and retreated on the lead screw so that the inner tube advances and retreats
By switching the 24V DC positive and negative, the motor will be forward or reverse rotation, so that the inner tube is forward or backward
The maximum thrust and speed of the plunger can be changed by changing the thread pitch of the screw and nut
Product features
Compact size
Has a great thrust, can be used in many fields
Smooth running speed and very low noise
With high degree of protection, both inside and outside can be used
Product cost compared to the hydraulic system to save a lot of low maintenance costs
Installation is simple and convenient
Packaging and transportation of small size, low transport costs
According to customer requirements, can be free combination