air conditioner duct project contractor spiral duct price

Air Conditioner Duct Project Contractor Spiral Duct Price

Quick Details

Type: Air Conditioning
Product name: Air Conditioner Duct Project Contractor Spiral Duct Price
Material: Galvanized steel, aluminum foil, stainless steel
Size: 100mm~1000mm
Material thickness: 0.4~1.5mm
Length: 3m, 5.8m or as request.
Shape: round, rectangular, spiral
Method: Stamping, seamless or welded.
Function: ventilaion, supply air, return air, exhaust air, etc
Pipe fittings: elbow, flange, straight, etc
Application: hotel, hospital, market, factory, etc


Product Introduction

Ventilation duct is used for ventilation system and air conditioning system of industrial and civil building.
The function is make the air circulation and reduce the concentration of harmful gases.
According to the different material, ventilation ducts has steel sheet duct (common steel), galvanized steel
(galvanized iron), stainless steel duct, glass steel duct, plastic duct, composite material duct, colorful steel
insulation board duct, double sided aluminum insulation duct, adhesive coating, etc.



Purification System Air Duct

Galvanized steel sheet.

Stainless steel sheet

Central Air Conditioning Ventilation DuctGalvanized steel sheet

Color-coated steel insulation sheet

Industrial Ventilation System DuctSteel sheet

Galvanized steel sheet

Environment Protection System Exhaust DuctGalvanized steel sheet.

Stainless steel sheet

Special Places Air DuctMine plastic coated fabric duct

Mine plastic ventilation duct


Product Specifications

ProductSpiral Duct
MaterialGalvanized steel or stainless steel
MethodStamping, seamless or welded. 
InsulationWith or without insulation
ApplicationHVAC Duct Systems, Air Ducting Device, Chemicals, Fats & Fertilizers, Sugar Mills &

Distilleries, Cement Industries, Ship Builders, Paper Industries, Pumps, Petrochemicals,

Oil & Natural Gas Organization in terms of the specific materials, Technology, etc

TypesSpiral duct, welding duct, rectangular duct, round duct, oval duct, insulated duct.
Rated productsBend elbow 90°60°,45°,30°,15° with rubber seal
T-shape, Y-shape, Cross, Tee.
Reducer, concentric pressed reducer, eccentric reducer. Socket.



Spiral duct is made of metal material into spiral seam thin wall pipe. There is round type, flat round, no welding,
no air leakage
It has the advantages as below:
1. Good product compatibility, high standardization.
2. Good sealing, Small ventilation loss and energy loss is small
3. Small Ventilation resistance, Low noise
4. Good Strength and Rigidity, Saving material
5. It adopt the four connection type of reducing the socket, casing connection, flange connection, band connection.
Easy to install and less joint point.
6. Good corrosion resistance, neutral salt spray test for 240 hours

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