air conditioning jet nozzle

Air Conditioning Jet Nozzle

Product Description

Jet nozzles are used for preference where the supply air from the diffuser has to travel a large distance to the occupied zone.
This is the case in large rooms (halls, assembly rooms etc.), particularly when the distribution of air via ceiling diffusers is not possible or not practical. Here jet diffusers are arranged in the side wall areas. When the temperature difference between the supply air and the room air changes, the supply air stream is deflected upwards (warm air) or downwards (cold air).
The direction of the supply air flow is also affected by other influences such as local convection effects or draughts within the room.
The direction of the air stream from the jet nozzle can be easily adjusted manually to suit particular on site conditions.
Also the pivoting movement can be motorised within the range of ± 30°.
The electric actuators for this can be externally or internally mounted.
The well-designed, aerodynamically efficient shape of jet nozzles results in low noise characteristics. For this reason, and because of the sophisticated design, they can be used in critical areas such as concert halls, theatres, museums etc.
The wide range of designs available, the flexibility in adapting to local conditions and compliance with low noise requirements mean that jet nozzles can be used in almost any air conditioning system.


Air supply for premises with high ceilings of the airport type and similar applications.
Long-range diffusion to provide a flow of air to the occupied zone, ideal for avoiding stratification of air in heating systems.
Adjustable diffusion direction - angles of up to 30°.
Wall or ceiling mounted.


The frame & nozzle core are high quality extruded aluminium sheet construction with advantages of corrosion resistance and rigidity.
Specially designed to use in the application where the high airflow capacity and long throw supply system is required. Airflow can be easily adjusted from a jet to a diffused pattern and the orientation of the airflow can be adjusted by moving the inner core.
The discharge nozzle with spherical outlet mounted to a housing, the mounted circular flange is removable for easy installation and maintenance.


SizeNozzle Velocity  (m/s)3571013151720
160Air Flow Rate (CMH)75125175250325375425500
Throw (m)
Pressure Drop (Pa)611142028323948
Noise (dB)1012142129333741
200Air Flow Rate (CMH)95155215310400460520615
Throw (m)4.67.810.515.119.522.525.430.1
Pressure Drop (Pa)510121623293342
Noise (dB)1012142330353943
250Air Flow Rate (CMH)1552553605106607658651015
Throw (m)5.89.713.5191.24.828.832.736.5
Pressure Drop (Pa)59111724283342
Noise (dB)1114192333374045
315Air Flow Rate (CMH)2854706609401220140515951875
Throw (m)
Pressure Drop (Pa)58122027333948
Noise (dB)1220263541454954
400Air Flow Rate (CMH)450750105015001945224525452990
Throw (m)9.514.322.232.040.546.050.056.5
Pressure Drop (Pa)47111826303846
Noise (dB)1424313947525456
500Air Flow Rate (CMH)6951160162023153010347039354630
Throw (m)10.016.623.
Pressure Drop (Pa)1928344350545860
Noise (dB)

Testing condition:
Result of performance is tested under NATA, in accordance with ASHREA STANDARD 70-2006.
All values are tested at 0° angle of air discharge.
Noise criteria is based on room absorption of 10 dB.
Throw: throw at 0.5 m/2 terminal velocity in meters.