bbq fittings

The exhaust pipe for scalable lifting exhaust pipe,is Korean barbecue smoke one of the special equipment,can be used in a variety of barbecue shop, grill, and the smoke exhaust upscale restaurant.Smoke inside the spring scalable, shorten the size of about 134 cm, the biggest size is about 220 cm long.Special size can be customized, material is steel plating.

Standard size: inside and outside two layer, have oil mouth, equipped with air valve control.It can freely stretch up and down and fixed in the position of you want.

Chimney exhibit new lift Korean barbecue smoke exhaust duct tape chimney, bright copper, equipped with a LED light and full copper chimney, high grade, atmospheric lowkey costly connotation.This pipe for south Korean professional design, materials for high quality steel plate electroplating, flying saucer shape lampshade for chandeliers, only have adornment effect, no smoke.Chimney configuration two small power LED lamp, high brightness, energy saving province electricity.

bbq fittings

Size details

Maximum length220cm
Colourstainless steel
Materialupper and bottom is iron electroplate, the middle rigid tube is stainless steel spray