kch 70(280)i-a(b) fire proof damper valve

Fire Proof Damper Valve

Quick Details

Type: HVAC Systems, fire damper
Name: KCH 70(280)I-A(B) Fire Proof Damper Valve
Material: Stainless Steel/Forged
Media: Gas
Application: Commercial
Size: Clients Request
Certificate: CE 3C ISO900 CCIC
Installation: Install
Usage: Restaurant & Plant
Shape: Square/round


 Product Introduction

1.The  fire damper smoke senor send a firm alarm signals and controller switch on, valve opened

2. Open the valve by hand or computer

3. Reset the fire damper by hand or computer

4. The fire damper valve is opened automaticly when temperature reach 280°C

5. The valve outputs electric signals, interlocked with fire control system.

6. PYFH - YSDW is remote control (no more than 6 m)

Main Parameter

1. The  fire damper air leakage volume different pressure300 pa: 700 m3 / m2 .h
2. The control voltage: DC 24 v
3. The current action: 0.3 A
4. The micro switch contacts capacity: AC380V 3 a
5. The drag coefficient when full open: < 0.5 structure
6. The main components: the valve body, valve leaf, shaft and bushing, check the   mouth and actuators

Material:Aluminium , Stainless steel or Galvanized sheet  fire damper
Finish:white or follow customer's requirements(For example:RAL9010)
Fixing:Fixing by screws or clips
Packing material:cardboard
Packing method:packaging by cardboard carton box
Delivery terms:1-30 days after receive the subscription
Payment terms:Pay 30% deposit at order(by T/T) and 70% before shipment (by T/T)
Product description:The scope of application and the principle: Applicable to the ventilation, air-conditioning duct with flow volume control and fire prevention demand. Usually the damper is open. When fire occurs, the fuse plug promptly close automatically. Manually open the damper to reset the system


1. Close the valve manually

2. Close the valve automatically when fuse plug reaches its fusing temperature 70°C.

3. Adjusting air flow volume at will between 0°- 90°

4. Biggish circular fire damper uses rectangular damper body equipped with a circular angle iron flange.

5. Can install additional signal device as users demand.

Specification:Standard Size: 300*300 also can be made according to your request