turbine roof ventilators

Turbine Roof Ventilators

Basic Info

Machine No.: 100/150/200/300/450/500/600/880
Color: Red/Yellow/Customized
Customized: Design and Technical Drawing Can Be Customized
Max Total Pressure Efficiency: 92%
Case Material: Steel , Aluminum, Stainless Steel
Application: Factories, Industrial Manufacturing Units, Worksho
Transport Package: Strong Wooden Case Exporting Standard
Specification: Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel


Product Display

Clean, fresh air. You'd think it would be something we all have the right to expect in our work places / factory sheds / warehouses / homes and yet so often this isn't the case. Inadequate ventilation can lead to the build up of heat, moisture, pollution and even potentially harmful chemicals in the air that we breathe inside our buildings every day.

Roof Ventilators

The Turbine Roof Ventilators removes convected heat and induces currents of fresh air to flow within a building producing a substantial cooling effect on people and the environment in general. These ventilators are cost effective & highly efficient these are ideal to ventilate:

  • Factories
  • Workshops
  • Warehouses
  • Agricultural applications
  • Schools
  • Hostels
  • Change houses

Turbine fans use only the wind blowing outside in order to rotate. These fans are typically installed along, or close to the roof's peak, which is called a ridge. Turbine fans have angled slits cut into a capped cylinder, which create a continuous fan blade. The wind rotates the fan blade, causing air movement in the attic as air is pulled out through the turbine and replaced with outside air. Turbine fans have no power other than wind, so when the wind is not blowing, the turbine does not turn.



  • No maintenance cost.
  • No electricity charges.
  • No accidental hazards like fire due to short circuits.
  • Low installation cost.
  • Assured ventilation for 24 hrs.
  • Protects plastering and paints.
  • Removes foul smell and maintain hygienic conditions.
  • 80% depreciation under section 32 of it act.
  • Also available for RCC roofing.


Technical Support Service

When using our products, If any problems on installation,operation,maintainance..and so on, please contact our sale manager directly or leave a message on our website, we will call you in the first time.

Detailed Performance Catalog

Contact our sales manager to get a list of available fan sizes and to view detailed performance curves for each fan KuangFeng builds.


Q: What information do i need to provide in order to get a quotation?
A: Generally, information about Size,Air Flow,Voltage of required fans is needed in order to select a right fan for you and provide you a quotation.

Q: Can I have a discount for the quoted price?
A: The quoted price is based on annual usage quantity. If annual usage quantities increase, please provide the information to our sales. We will provide you a further discount.

Q: What is the warranty of products?
A: All of our products have 1 year warranty under normal usage. Every product has its own production code. This code is able to track the production time.