turbine ventilator

Product description
Our turbine ventilator are 150,200,250,300,500,600,680 and 880 type. We can provide in accordance with the requirements of customers with different specifications of the ventilator size. In order to achieve the ventilation effect.

Products types and usage

  • Industrial plants and large civil contruction space needed for natural ventilation of the premises.
  • More economical use of natural ventilation used in place.
  • The use of natural ventilation devices should be considered outside the local weather conditions.

Quality gurantee

  • SIYO full seal with oil UBC bearing, assure operate flexibly.
  • The scientific designed are vanes are pressed forming once-off, assure run steadily.
  • High quality alluminium alloy and stainless steel material, assure durable.

Different types of building air changes recommended valve

Building TypeViews/h
Factory and workshop3~8
Stadium, tennis hall and huili stadium3~8
Assembles the hall6~12
Paper mill8~15
Galvanization factory12~20
Coating factory10~30