ventilation regulating valves, fire dampers

Ventilation Regulating Valves, Fire Dampers

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Type: Ventilation
Material: Stainless Steel
Application: Commercial
Size: Clients Request
Certificate: CE UL TUV 3C ISO900
Installation: Install

Product discriptions

The electric ventilation regulating valves is composed of an angle stroke electric actuator and a ventilated butterfly valve mechanism. Using FOSD type electric actuator to drive the ventilation valve, the structure design of mechatronics, with built-in servo operation and opening position signal feedback, position indicator, manual operation function, powerful function, reliable performance, accurate control, AC24V, AC220V and AC380V as the power supply voltage, receiving input control system (4-20mADC or 1-5VCD) current signal or power signal, control operation can be adjusted, automatic control or switch control on the process of fluid medium proportion.


Ventilation Regulating Valves, Fire Dampers

we valve you any problem as a professional factory which mainly produce air shower, pass box, cleanroom,valve,clean bench, ffu, hume food filter etc in ventilation industrial area. any product we can make according to your requirements(OEM&ODM)!


Q:Are you a trading company or factory?
A:We are a professional manufacturer engaged in Commercial Fans, Fire dampers and Air Diffusers in China .

Q: What hour-rated fire damper do I use in a two hour fire-rated wall?
A:Fire-rated barriers of less than three hours will typically use a 1-1/2 hour-rated fire damper.
Fire-rated barriers of three hours or more will typically use a three hour fire-rated damper.

Q: Do manual balancing dampers come standard with a hand quadrant?
A:Yes, manual hand quadrants are standard on manual balancing dampers.

Q: Do you test every piece before ship?
A: We have three producing line to test the working performance for three times before shipping.

Q:What's your quality guarantee?
A: 1 year since you receiveed the goods.